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‘the rest of the story…’

The secret kiss in the kitchen led quickly and inevitably to a supposedly secret first date that didn’t stay a secret for long.  It’s not only English nerds who run to literature to find the saying that sums up a life-changing moment, and, yes, pithy sayings by world-renown authors quickly devolve into tired clichés; nevertheless, the Bard was right – “the course of true love never did run smooth.”  In our case, the course was mostly uphill, with rocks and brambles, twists and turns, and neither of us with a map.  Somehow, we navigated a long-distance-romance for nearly three years – only two months after we met Jeff headed to Indiana, making Purdue University his home.  I stayed in North Dakota, buffeted by the prairie winds and stormy onslaught of loneliness and the more than occasional doubt about the chances that we’d stay together.

There were at least a thousand reasons why we should have given up, and our doubts and difficulties often far out numbered the moments of confidence and ease that we were both hoping to discover.  We didn’t have cell phones then, we were 1100 miles apart, and both of us poor as we could be.  We finally realized that, if we could survive once a week phone calls and twice a year visits, then maybe, though it hadn’t yet been, and probably never would be easy, it was good.  A marriage proposal (and its acceptance) canceled the remaining doubts, and we set a date.

The rest, as they say, is history…


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