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15 Things I Haven’t Done Yet

Why do things always seem to happen “the other day”?!  But truly, the other day I stumbled upon (but not on that website) a rather provocative writing prompt. A few hours ago, I spent some few minutes with my nose in a book written for Writing teachers, and the author seemed to be advocating AGAINST writing prompts, so now I feel the slightest bit foolish for using them myself. Nonetheless, when a good idea arrives, I’d be even more foolish to ignore it. Earlier in the summer, some of my favorite people and colleagues (Teaching Consultants for the National Writing Project) gathered together for a week of learning from each other, and of course, to write. Our time spent together was rich and rewarding and affirms that prompts can indeed work. Make a list. It’s clean. It’s simple. Anyone can do it. I did. Give it a try…

15 Things I Haven’t Done Yet

  1. Gone to the southern tip of Africa, where ocean currents collide
  2. Held a grandchild
  3. Finished Anna Karenina
  4. Had my appendix removed
  5. Made a totally from scratch cheesecake
  6. Been to my mother’s grave
  7. Watched “Star Wars”
  8. Changed a flat tire
  9. Gargled with ‘Listerine’
  10. Removed a fish from the hook & line
  11. Forgotten my miscarriage
  12. Been to the opera
  13. Drafted a will
  14. Watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” without crying
  15. Buried my face in Aslan’s mane

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