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Reading & Writing — Things to Do

At 5thingstodotoday, David Ridings posts inspirational suggestions from all sorts of thoughtful, creative writers, bloggers, thinkers and doers — you know, people like you and me! One of his recent posts includes suggestions from me — go and check it out!  For the reader & writer in all of us… Cheers! Advertisements Continue reading

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Wipe that smile off your face. There’s no fun in English class.

School year blues. The kids sing them every year. Usually the refrain highlights the miseries of reading another wordy, hard-to-understand 19th century novel, writing another fake-world essay that no one in his right mind will ever want to read, and surviving the predictable quizzes that may or may not have any relevance to ideas and … Continue reading

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Why Read Literature? For the English Nerd in All of Us

The short answer to the question “why read literature?” derives from Sir Philip Sidney’s apology (not ‘I’m sorry’ but rather ‘defense’), of “posey,” or poetry, in which he asserts that the artful imitation of life in literature of all sorts (yes, I am extrapolating) exists to both “delight and teach.” Sidney, of course, got his … Continue reading

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Make a List — All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Writers make much of lists. So do highly organized, control-freak Type-A personalities. Packing before a vacation deserves a list. Grocery store shopping and errand running might prompt a ‘make a list’ moment or two, too. My blogging friend (can we really be friends if we’ve never met?!) at 5thingstodotoday suggests all manner of inspirational ways … Continue reading