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I’ve been enjoying David Ridings’ 5thingstodotoday a good bit lately — especially as he finds a couple of my ideas worth sharing!  😉  Here’s my latest inspirational contribution, and you can find it and all sorts of simply beautiful suggestions for daily consideration at David’s blog  go and visit!!  And keep reading!

For your Weekend Enjoyment —
1. Pour a cup of coffee, sit by a window, and listen to sounds of morning — the breeze, the birds, and your own breathing. Relax for an hour. You’ve earned it.
2. Go to your local library. Wander the stacks, pulling books (especially the older ones) from the shelves. Inhale the intoxicating scent of old paper, ink and possibility.
3.  Take a friend to lunch. Linger over an indulgent dessert. Share worries, hopes and dreams. Sigh in contented gratitude, and leave a big tip.
4. Explore a neighborhood. Stroll. Wave. Smile. Determine to greet at least three folks along the way. Treasure up the sights and sounds and smells of people living in community. On your way home, buy a bunch of wildflowers to grace your table.
5. Before sleep claims you, sit by a window, and listen to the sounds of the night — the wind, the crickets, and your own breathing. Delight in the day that has been, and look forward to the tomorrows that might be.

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