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I Wish I’d Said That

Blogs, newsfeeds, op-eds, tweets and status updates presently consume too many of my waking hours. Too many, because, well — I have a JOB. I might ought to be attending to that. Thankfully, my students of the hour are busy writing too. That helps. The twitter world took me to an article, which led me to read an author’s bio. One Naomi Wolf, whose primary focus these days rests in ‘women’s sexual and reproductive rights.’ Ah, rights. Reminds me that I wanted to write about those. But then, I found this lovely piece that merely made me think, ‘ah, I wish I’d written that’. So, from Londoner’s Musings to your heart and mind. Some worthy thoughts about ‘rights.’  My privilege to share — your opportunity to delight in words and learn something wonderful!


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