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Make a List — All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Writers make much of lists. So do highly organized, control-freak Type-A personalities. Packing before a vacation deserves a list. Grocery store shopping and errand running might prompt a ‘make a list’ moment or two, too.

My blogging friend (can we really be friends if we’ve never met?!) at 5thingstodotoday suggests all manner of inspirational ways to make the most out of each day. Each blog offers, you guessed it, five things to do today. Stop by and visit. I know you’ll find something worth your time. In honor of things worth doing, in honor of journalistic investigation, and in honor of lists, I’ve twisted up all three into 5 Questions to ask Today:

1. Who said that?

Consider your favorite, though probably clichéd saying, and discover who coined it. Mine? ‘A fool’s paradise’ brought to us by William Shakespeare. I regret to inform you that it’s found in Romeo & Juliet, which is not a great play (gasp!), though the dramatist redeemed it with glorious, and gloriously plentiful, poetry.

2. What time is it?

Even though we can all check our phones every minute of the day, a clock on the wall tells more than the time. Add a statement piece to your room décor. Get a little ‘cuckoo’ over it…

3. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Consider booking a trip to San Diego, CA. Experts say September might be the perfect month – so maybe today is the day to say, ‘same time, next year!’ Be sure to investigate Old Town. And you might as well concede that the zoo is a must. ‘lions, tigers and bears.’ Oh, my.

4. When can we get outa here?

Whether it’s the workday tedium, the meeting with that pesky insurance guy, or the crush of rush hour traffic, we tend to lose the moment-by-moment opportunities in our impatience to be someplace else. Don’t wait for the ‘good stuff’ to get started. Make the work day meaningful. Buy some insurance, for cryin’ out loud! Use the drive to listen to your version of beautiful music or the ‘great American novel.’ Don’t squander your time, wishing it away. Go ‘gather some rosebuds, while ye may…’ even if they’re sitting in a vase on your secretary’s desk.

5. Why?????????????????

Still frustrated by your mother’s “because I said so, that’s why”? Get over it. Or, get even. Use it on your own kids. And while you’re at it, find a way to forgive your mother for an occasional authoritative last word. Remember her nearly exhausting effort to answer your endless questions, teach you how to tell time AND tie your shoes, take you on trips to the zoo, and make sure you went to school so that you could one day read a Shakespeare play. Even if it ended up being Romeo & Juliet. I mean, ‘O happy dagger! This is thy sheath. There rust,  and let me die!” is quite an exit line.

Thanks to David Ridings @ 5thingstodotoday for humoring my writing itch and letting me scratch it with a twist on his great blog.


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