The English Teacher

are you kidding me!?!?!

Here’s a thing a writer should always remember, for the love. RE-READ your final draft! AVOID those stupid typos. Have a brain, for cryin’ out loud.

So, my blog reading friends, I sincerely apologize for such ridiculousness as ‘peak’ used when ‘peek’ is clearly the right choice. EGAD. and worse, for writing a sentence that has a ‘that…’ when the preceding clause negates the usage.

Hanging my head in shame is vying for best reaction with mouth agape, feigning outrage. (I mean, it’s not even close to the outrage in the Middle East.)  Perspective matters. So do apologies.  I am sincerely apologizing for my lack of attention to the details of proper usage.

But at least the errors exist in a post about how much words matter and literature is fabulous and all that.  Ah. Irony…



2 thoughts on “are you kidding me!?!?!

  1. Funny! That happens to me… Oh the horror. It happened in a particularily horrible way the last time I did it… One must not dwell on his mistakes! Why do we do it anyways, though?

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