The Social Network

That Sinking Feeling

A flock of angry birds taking flight. A gaping hole sucking in all that surrounds it. The free fall of a sky diver whose ‘chute won’t open, though he knows it not…

You know what I’m describing. That sinking feeling that comes when the words have been uttered or the ‘send’ button has been tapped, or more likely, pounded. The words hover out there. Try as we might, we can’t have them back. The fretting begins. What if my tone is misconstrued? What if I forgot a salient and crucial point? What if my emotions overrode my reason? (Like that ever happens…)

Sometimes I am overeager to jump into the fray. Politics. Culture Wars. Religion. Education. Presidential elections. EGAD. I read an article — I tweet its link. I recommend that my Facebook friends read it. I might even write about the idea myself. I wonder when I last influenced someone to a mind change. Can a blog entry do it? What about a hastily posted reply to said entry? Will a WSJ op-ed piece turn a thought around? And if those bits are unlikely to shift an opinion, how in the world will a tweet do it?!?  But I keep tweeting. And blogging. And recommending, replying, and generally sticking my nose into the political, cultural, religious, and educational morass of the day. Every once in awhile, the angry birds seem to be preparing for take-off. I am a hasty replier. A knee-jerk responder. A fool, rushing in…

One of these days, I’d love to hear some crooner on the radio singing a new cover of an old  Righteous Brothers’ hit. You know the one. “She’s lost that sinking feeling… and now it’s gone, gone, gone… Whoa………..”

In the meantime, I need to be more careful about pushing that send button.


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