Family Life

White-Hot Anxiety

A couple of years ago, a writing prompt led to this captured moment. Nerve-wracking. Life changing: The Wedding Day. No one is here, save Dad and me.  The warm, yellow light of September filters through the stained glass, softening edges, blurring reality.  Without wanting to appear so, I hang on to Dad as though he … Continue reading

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A Thought for the Times

Throughout time & across cultures, mankind has consistently pondered himself, the world he inhabits, and the likelihood or necessity of a God or gods who might exist outside the confines of the earthly and heavenly planes. He questions, because he desires to know. He enters into relationships and discovers the dichotomous reality of living in … Continue reading

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Winter’s Wonder

Though the “bleak mid-winter” has yet to arrive, the darker season looms ever closer. Often, this quiet time unnerves the casual observer. Leaves no longer rustle. Brown and tired, grasses rest. Birds depart, seeking warmer climes, and the wildlife forages more earnestly, seeking a tender, forgotten shoot. “Something there is that doesn’t love” winter. In … Continue reading