Faith & Truth / Poetry

Winter’s Wonder

Though the “bleak mid-winter” has yet to arrive, the darker season looms ever closer. Often, this quiet time unnerves the casual observer. Leaves no longer rustle. Brown and tired, grasses rest. Birds depart, seeking warmer climes, and the wildlife forages more earnestly, seeking a tender, forgotten shoot. “Something there is that doesn’t love” winter. In a utilitarian way, snow & ice hinder safe passage, and we grumble about the inconvenience, the expense, the cold. Though the twinkle and hope of Christmas offer brief respite, many lament the inevitable stillness of winter-time.

Odd then, to find stunning pictures of winter’s glory posted nearly everywhere I turn.

wintry night

Snow-filled winter, with its crisp cold air and sparkling snow best represents the beauty of the individual seasons, while simultaneously demonstrating that the power of God makes all things new through death and resurrection.  Winter’s death precedes the renewal of spring – how gracious is He to make even the deathly sleep of winter so beautiful.

Bleak? Not on your life.


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