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You’re Never Too Old or Learned Enough

Do you love it when you come across something new?  So good.

For instance, I just discovered a new term. Aubade. Merely pronouncing it reveals my ignorance. Rather than ringing forth with confidence, the word halts for a brief moment before it ventures out, uncertain of its surroundings, having never occupied the air surrounding my head.

If you’re like me, having never uttered or even encountered the term aubade, permit me to enlighten you. An aubade is a poem about morning, usually celebrating the coming of dawn. How good is that!?!  Poems about the break of day actually get their own category. (As an English teacher I should likely be feeling quite rightfully foolish right now, but somehow, I can’t muster up the embarrassment.)

The dawn breaks the darkness of night.  A first faint sliver of light suddenly erupts in a blush of pink. Then, newly risen, the golden aura of the sun. Morning.

I’m reminded that the struggles and sufferings of our lives often feel shrouded in darkness. Then I remember that, though ‘weeping may tarry for a night, Joy does come with the morning.

Aubade. Greet the dawn with thanksgiving. The darkness has seen a great light.


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