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I like the way British people use a particular four-letter word with reckless abandon.

I like Saturday morning coffee better than all the other days’ coffee.

I like my dog’s ears, flapping about in a brisk wind.

I like choosing to stop watching a movie that clearly won’t make sense even if I watch it right to the end.

I like nothing better than an animated advertisement promising that if we will just follow one ‘weird old tip’ we can get rid of the ‘stubborn belly fat’ that must be plaguing nearly everyone who uses the webbernets.

I like looking at old pictures chronicling our family’s passing of the years.

I like weekends. Watching a movie or two. Walking the dog. Snooping through drawers as we clean up some clutter. Writing.








2 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve lost interest in watching movies almost entirely. I will say, though, I went to the theater to see “Les Miserables” and it was tremendous.

    • I had a lot of doubts about Les Mis right up until the first notes started to play and the opening scene unfolded. The first time I’ve ever thought a film even approached doing the original any sort of justice. Neither film or stage can touch the novel (it’s far too complex), but the film brings light to events that the stage version only hints at. I sob my way through it every time, and I didn’t have enough tissue (as usual) to get through the film version. A glorious story, first to last.

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