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End of semester brings woe to students and faculty alike. I’ve discovered again, for the umpteenth time, that the  assessment side of education is the part whose company I would most like to part with. (I don’t really care that I’m dangling a preposition either) The final exams prepared by the instructors must be written … Continue reading

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Careless Language & “Common” Usage

America comes stock-equipped with multi-cultured, richly layered distinctives. Heritage hails here from all over the world, whose “tired and poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free” call the US ‘home.’ If the dinners on our tables distinguish us — East coast seafood, Midwest comfort food, West Coast fusion food — then certainly our colloquialisms differentiate … Continue reading

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Coffee and More…

It’s poetry month, you know. I don’t think a day passes by that I don’t read poetry, so highlighting April and calling it “National Poetry Month” would be like highlighting December and calling it Winter. The wonderful thing about April and poetry coinciding is this: the words for the soul offset the agony of the … Continue reading

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Teachery, or Treachery? You decide.

I teach, therefore I make people suffer. This sad reality troubles me, from time to time, because, really — shouldn’t learning be FUN?! No. Not necessarily. Herein lies the problem, I suppose. Learning MIGHT be fun. But it should always be good. Alas!  ‘Good’ sometimes brings discomfort. After all, challenge genrally presupposes a bit of failure … Continue reading