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Dear Reader, (I feel a bit like Jane Eyre, here…)

It seems time and past time to say ‘thank you!’ to those of you who have occasionally, faithfully or only rarely stopped by this blog to share a bit of the common chapters of our lives. Between the steady clamor of millions of voices vying for the right to be heard and the too few hours each of us are allotted to earn the daily bread, sip the daily wine (if even figuratively), and relish the daily words, it’s no small wonder than anyone has time for my commonchapters. You are all endlessly busy writing your own! So, thank you, for the comments, the encouragement, and the readership.

While Common Chapters: Life Changes remains a place to ponder the various & sundry aspects: literature, education, parenting, friendship — you know, LIFE — I have created another blog here at I’ve titled it “Velveted Paws,” and dedicated that blogging space to exploring the tension created by Truth and Grace, revealed to me in fits and starts and through the wonderful learning at the feet of my life author, CS Lewis. When I was a new teacher, the principal who had a great hand in shaping my teaching life shared bits of wisdom like this: “find an author you can read, and re-read, for all the years of your life.” Such advice led me to consider a number of great writers. Who wouldn’t, as an English teacher, choose Shakespeare? Who would leave out Charles Dickens? What about Mark Twain? or Edith Wharton? Or Jane Austen, for cryin’ out loud!?!? But none of them challenge my faith, stir my heart, stretch my imagination or strengthen my often limited ability to reason like the man who penned The Chronicles of NarniaThe Problem of Pain, Till We Have Faces, The Four Loves and, in his spare time (I jest, of course!), English Literature in the Sixteenth Century: Excluding Drama, to name but a few.

I love, love, love that authors long dead influence us in the present days of our lives. CS Lewis died on an important day in American history, for he died on November 22, 1963. Along with Aldous Huxley, CS Lewis and JFK passed from this life into eternity. All three of them left an important mark on the world. Lewis marked, more clearly than the others, a way that leads us, out of the ‘shadowlands’ to a place beyond this life. So I read him. Again and again and again. Lewis continuously teaches me.  About the Lion. About words and The Word. About Truth. About the ‘velveted paws’ of Grace.

And so I write.

Because Truth matters, Grace to you…

See you always, here at Common Chapters. And if you have an Inkling, stop by “Velveted Paws.”



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