On Writing

Double Duty Blogging

When was the last time a hole in your head grew shut, and you decided to venture into territory that, while well-charted already, seemed worthy of your own navigational twist?

For those of you who know me personally, the picture I’ve created for you is colored with hilarity, for I can’t chart a course to anywhere without getting hopelessly, irretrievably lost. And, with my new blog, ‘Velveted Paws,’ I am stepping into a well-mapped field of study. CS Lewis: apologist, literary critic, Believer in Christ, and prolific writer who, hands down, is my favorite. Sub-titled ‘Conversations in Truth & Grace,’ ‘Velveted Paws’ takes on weighty matters of eternal significance. CS Lewis was far better studied and suited to the task. Still, I venture forth. I’ll likely get lost in the depths of ideas and truths that surpass my comprehension. Yet, while I now ‘see, as in a mirror, dimly’ I know that one day the greater mysteries will be revealed when I see the great Lion of the Tribe of Judah face to face. In Lewis’ children’s literature, the Lion’s name is Aslan. I will see the Christ-Lion, when, at long last, my face is unveiled before Him. For those of you who read Lewis at all, you know that I am referencing not simply The Chronicles of Narnia but also Till We Have Faces, Better still, I reference Paul’s First Letter to the Church at Corinth, and the Apostle John’s glorious Revelation.

These are the great and wonderful things I will be pondering at ‘Velveted Paws.’  Hope you’ll visit me there!


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