Dear Readers,
I couldn’t decide which blog, Velveted Paws or CommonChapters should get this post, so here it is, straight from between the paws of Truth & Grace…

Velveted Paws

The morning after a holiday weekend calls for extra coffee, catching up on a bit of reading, and reflection on the days just passed. It also calls for a series of long naps for Jack, whose littlest pup status amongst the ‘big dogs’ of our extended clan didn’t prevent him from running with them, but totally wore him out. Cramming a week’s worth of fun into three days’ allotted hours leaves everyone a bit ragged, but with no other song to sing on Tuesday morning than “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go…” —  off they went. Traveling sons gathered up belongings and returned to their far-from-us homes. Friends stayed behind to clean up the messes we all made at their lakehouse retreat. My husband and provider returned to the workaday world. Meanwhile, Jack and I sorted laundry, started the washer, napped, snored, and listened as the breeze stirs…

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