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Going Without

Do you ever find yourself wordless?

When you know you should break up, but lack even the sleaziness to utter, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’?

When the IRS, the NSA and USGovt reveal themselves ethically bankrupt, and your shoulders shrug, your chest heaves, and you wonder, ‘what’s wrong with us?’ but tune your station to static?

When the kids are gone, the grass grows unbidden, and everyone around you seems purpose-driven but you can’t even dust the tabletops?

When the boss is a harpy, but the bills won’t pay themselves?

When the little white lies darken, imperceptibly at first, to dirty grey, then fade to black?

When power and title trump the will?

When the days are long, and the silence deafens?

Wordless? Even when???????





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