Faith & Truth

Roads Marked with Suffering

It’s okay to reblog my own stuff, right?

Velveted Paws

Suffering comes in variable shape and size. Hunger, poverty, disease, and persecutions large & small fill the earth. In those ways, I suffer not. I am well-fed, rich by every world standard, healthy (plus or minus some troubling lack of cartilage in key joints), and, significantly, free. Given the ways of the world, can I rightly be labeled a sufferer? No. Heck, I’m a century too late to even have the privilege of being a suffragette. I cast my votes with ease. Sometimes I might remember to give a thankful nod to Susan B. Anthony and her ilk, but voting, among countless others, is a right I take for granted, really. An expert on suffering? No. Yet, decidedly — yes.

Entry into the world guarantees entrance in to suffering. The world spins, atilt on its axis, groaning under the weight of judgment. ‘Thistles and thorns’ litter the ground we till. We’re…

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