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Blogging Run Amok

I love my commonchapters blog. I realize that I might be the only one — and that’s kind of…, mostly…, okay, not really at all okay. In my classroom I am pretty insistent in my insistence that writers write for READERS. There’s a place for writing for oneself — it’s called a journal, a diary, a writer’s notebook, heck, maybe it’s even called a ‘work in progress’ — and there is always a time and place for that significant writing. A blog, on the other hand, posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB (I hear that guy on television who’s yelling about a car sales event with the booming cavernous voice sound effect that theoretically commands our attention, but simply annoys us with its fakery) is generally written to garner a bit of attention and a faithful readership. Right? commonchapters isn’t simply for me even though I love writing it, and so I am thankful for those who stop by, and for those who read. I am especially thankful for those who read, and then stop by again. 🙂

When I added Velveted Paws, I knew I would post on that blog a bit less often (okay, WAY less often), because I need to learn well His lessons in Grace & Truth before I try to pass them along. It turns out, I am a slooooowwww learner. To His glory and for my good, He keeps me by Grace alone between His velveted paws, and I write there after I’ve learned here, in the common chapters.

Then, in a moment of supposed, but wholly feigned brilliance (the best kind, really), I had an idea for yet another blog, and yesterday, “Friends Don’t Let Friends…”  was launched. If you are a friend (duh!), need a friend or two (double duh!) then I hope you’ll visit my new blog. What you’ll find is a bit of humor (if the words come out right) and yet another of our ‘common chapters’ — this particular one devoted to friendship. We really can’t do without it, can we? I love what my life author (CS Lewis) had to say about it: “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”  Hope to see you there, because of course, I do write for readers, who I also consider my friends…



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