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A Funny Thing Happened

Not a laugh out loud kind of funny, either, but rather an oddity — something to make me shake my head and say, ‘hmmmm…’

I’ve been mostly unplugged lately. I’ve still managed to peak at the latest on Pinterest — boring.  I’ve viewed a smidge of the status updates on Facebook — equally mundane, though I do love my friends and mean them no insult. Tweets of the haps in the many corners of the world — and much has been happening, if only we’d pay attention — can’t be labeled ‘boring,’ but I haven’t felt inclined to KNOW. I have patently ignored my reader — whatever the contributors have been blogging, I’ve not been reading. I haven’t even been watching the news all that much.

I must say, it’s been outrageously refreshing, this recent unplugging I’ve encountered.

Here’s what I’ve learned, and while we might all already know this, I suspect we “needs be” reminded:

1. We’re just not that important. Sure, we all need to hear occasionally that we are important — that we matter to loved ones, that our contributions add meaning to the snippet of the world we inhabit. But in the grand scheme, our ‘likes’ on FB are rather insignificant, our tweets are rarely seen, and our time in front of a screen often robs us of time spent face-to-face with skin & bones people, whose touches warm us, inside & out, whose laughter soothes the rough patches, whose glance reminds us we’re here, together.

2. Life is richer, unplugged. Time for walks. Time for removing wall paper and slapping on fresh paint. Time for dinner without interruptions.

3. Plugged in is now commonplace — we’re not going to eliminate it. But are we going to permit its domination? After all, we ourselves are not yet automatons, activated by voice commands and beeps. Are we?????

4. Irony, that richest of all literary devices and life’s reality, abounds. Without plugging in, I won’t disperse the story of my recent unplugging.


When life gives you learning, take heed.




One thought on “A Funny Thing Happened

  1. I, too, have unplugged some. Can’t tell you the last time I checked my Facebook News Feed. I have posted occasionally, but haven’t looked at what anyone else has posted. Likewise with Twitter. The only reason I check Instagram is to check up on Tia who has an account. You know, the responsible parent thing… I’ve just been TOO BUSY, and haven’t missed it one bit.

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