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In the Desert Places

Just when I’d planned to be writing more, creating more Just when I’d found myself a writer’s group, and a reader’s group too The river of words ran dry. Every writer seems to have the same advice: write every day. Get your words down, even when they’re dreadful words, with no particular destination, no significant … Continue reading

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An Actress and a Blogger Step onto the ‘Field…’

Plus or minus the ‘s’ (depending on whose perspective one takes), my blogging self , which, not coincidentally, is quite like my real self, shares most of a last name with a rather famous actress. Her name is Sally Field. Perhaps she’s remembered most fondly for playing Forrest Gump’s mama, perhaps as Burt Reynold’s love … Continue reading

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On Surveys and Other Information Spew

What’s your native tongue? Do you, every once in a great while, succumb to the time suck otherwise known as the webbernets? Find yourself taking inventories and ‘quizzes’ designed to give you information about yourself hitherto unbeknownst to you? Comparative surveys that place you on a space-time continuum relative to those nameless, faceless others who … Continue reading