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An Actress and a Blogger Step onto the ‘Field…’

Plus or minus the ‘s’ (depending on whose perspective one takes), my blogging self , which, not coincidentally, is quite like my real self, shares most of a last name with a rather famous actress. Her name is Sally Field. Perhaps she’s remembered most fondly for playing Forrest Gump’s mama, perhaps as Burt Reynold’s love interest on a wild ride in a Trans Am. I tend to remember her most, though, for her Oscar-winning, “you like me. You really LIKE me!” speech.

It’s so nice when people ‘like’ us, isn’t it? It’s gratifying to know we’re not scraping their last good nerve, nice to realize that they prefer us over going to the dentist, great to be invited out for coffee, martinis, or a movie starring Sally Field. Appreciation. Acknowledgment. Favor. Sure, we might have scoffed a bit at Sally Field’s effusive acceptance of the actors’ highest accolade, but we could easily wear her shoes (provided we too wear 6 1/2s). It’s no fun at all to have one’s work rejected, for cryin’ out loud.

Alas. I haven’t been having any Sally Field moments of late. Not a single ‘like’ on the ol’ commonchapters blog. None to speak of over on ‘friends don’t let friends‘ either. Like the actress, I haven’t had the most “orthodox career.” I’ve learned a lot, been given much, had a whole crew of folks cheering me on in most every endeavor I’ve ever undertaken — just like Sally. What’s she got, that I haven’t got?!?! Okay,okay —  2 Oscars, more money, more years under her belt, more fame. The acclaimed actress is outstanding in her field, has a singular last name, an undeniable ‘cute’ factor (except for that Mary Todd Lincoln role), and spunk. Okay. But, other than THAT, what’s she got that I haven’t got?

Well. At least I have an ‘S’ in my last name.


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