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In the Desert Places

Just when I’d planned to be writing more, creating more

Just when I’d found myself a writer’s group, and a reader’s group too

The river of words ran dry.

Every writer seems to have the same advice: write every day. Get your words down, even when they’re dreadful words, with no particular destination, no significant point, no one to read them but you.

I don’t disagree.

But I have “failed to practice [myself] the kind of behaviour [I] expect from other”… writers.

Am I a writer, or not?

Anyone can pick up a pen, or open up a word doc and start pecking at the keys.


Yes. But,

“When words are many, sin is not absent.” A truth I’ve practiced, again and again.

Sometimes, silence, rimmed with gold, speaks loudest.

Still. I’ve missed the writing. And it rained last week.

And teaching others just a little bit about writing got me thinking about writing.

Not just teaching it. Doing it.

Even in the desert places.




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