Poetry / The English Teacher

How Shakespeare Lovers Have a Good Time

‘Who’s there?’

‘Before we proceed any further, hear me speak.’

‘Open your ears: for which of you will stop the vent of hearing when loud Rumour speaks?’

‘I come no more to make you laugh,’ though

‘in sooth I know not why I am so sad.’  …

‘Hung be the heavens with black, yield day to night!’

Now is the winter of our discontent.’

‘Hence! home, you idle creatures get you home.’

‘When shall we three meet again?’

‘Tush! Never tell me; I take it most unkindly.’

‘This heavy act with heavy heart relate.’

‘The weight of this sad time we must obey.’

‘Bid me farewell.’

‘I will bid you goodnight: and so kneel down before you,’

‘For here, I hope, begins our lasting joy.’

‘And more such days as these to us befall.’

After all,

‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on.’


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