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Summer Livin’…

Schools are mostly out and summer is ‘mostly’ here, though the solstice has yet to arrive. Flags for our fathers — the lesser celebrations of June — will usher in the star-spangled celebration of Independence. Before you know it, we’ll be howling over the ‘dog days, we’ll take a break from our labors, and football will make its debut.

A finger’s snap and summer will be here. Another snap, another season’s change. This year, I’m making a list. A short one. Wholly doable. “Live intentionally,” I always say, and then drift along. Well, NO MORE. One of the purposes of life is to actually live it, after all.

I give you the ‘Summer Time List’, because the ‘livin’ is easy...’

1. ‘Take me out to the ballgame‘ — every year I mention that we need to go to a baseball game. It’s not like we don’t have a team around. And baseball is America’s pastime, right? I hereby resolve to pass an evening’s time at Victory Field.

2. ‘Butterfly kisses‘ — turns out, we have a top-notch zoo around here. It boasts a botanical garden PLUS a “kaleidoscope” of ‘winged insects.’ Let’s see, lions, tigers, bears AND  butterflies?! OH MY!!! I hereby resolve to wander amongst the loveliest of creatures.

3. ‘Singin’ in the rain‘ — it’s not summer until a walk with the dog turns into a run-for-cover dash amidst the raindrops. I hereby resolve to get caught in the rain on purpose.

4. ‘Dancin’ in the moonlight‘ — the lesser light that governs the night’ will be full on June 13, July 12, and August 10. My goal is simple: I hereby resolve to go out and frolic ‘by the light of the silvery moon.’

5. FIREWORKS!! — what summertime is complete without them? My favorite version includes the ISO‘s performance of the 1812 Overture (with cannons, of course). I hereby resolve to ooooh and aaaaah over fireworks. With orchestra, please.

6. ‘Drive until the map turns blue‘ — so it will be a lake’s blue, and not an ocean’s blue, but ‘water’ is a must for summer fun. I hereby resolve to spend a little time on the pontoon. C’mon. ‘Act like you don’t want to…’

7.’Do it again‘ — a few years ago, we heard about a little restaurant in an out of the way part of Indiana. No shortcut to get there — just windy county roads through Indiana farmland. Leave early, or you won’t get a table. Best part about it? Tailgate until your name’s called. We keep saying we need to go back, and we just never do. I hereby resolve to make the trek, tailgate, and then feast at Bonge’s Tavern.

8. Take a ‘sentimental journey‘ — it’s time to ‘set my heart at ease.’ My mom walked into eternity over five years ago. This summer, I choose to write about her — the lessons she taught me, the power she still wields over me, the gratitude I owe her. I  hereby resolve to ‘renew old memories.’

9. ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ — sshhhh. They’re warming up even now. The best musical of all time is playing on Broadway again. Nearly as I can tell, it’s got a limited run, and while it’s a bit of a long shot, I hereby resolve to at least TRY to get tickets to Les Miz before it leaves NYC.

10. Sailing…oh, boats. One of my son’s bought one. He takes it out on the Chesapeake Bay. I hereby resolve to screw my courage to the wall, and, if the wind is right, take a sail with him. ‘It’s not far down to paradise,’ after all.

There’s my summertime list. A couple of slam dunks. A couple of long shots. A walk with the dog, an evening or two with the moon, butterflies, lake time, good friends, good food — you know, LIFE. I hereby resolve to live it. This summer.


5 thoughts on “Summer Livin’…

    • Oh, I KNOW! If I can manage to get there, it would be my 5th or 6th visit — saw it before it left Broadway in ’03. Saw it in London. Have seen it regionally 3x. holy cow. I’m an addict. 🙂 SO good.

      • SO good is an understatement. I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times locally. 😀 Haven’t seen anything on Broadway or in London, though, so you definitely win there. 😉

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