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Let the Arrow Pierce the Heart

Valentine’s Day. Who needs it? Hallmark. Florists. Chocolatiers. The cynics among us shun the capital opportunity hiding behind such tokens of ‘love.’ “But I don’t know if all that’s true, cuz you got me, and baby, I got you…”  Love. It’s in the air. What’s so dreadful about celebrating the thrilling attraction, the lofty emotion, … Continue reading

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Winter’s Wonder

Though the “bleak mid-winter” has yet to arrive, the darker season looms ever closer. Often, this quiet time unnerves the casual observer. Leaves no longer rustle. Brown and tired, grasses rest. Birds depart, seeking warmer climes, and the wildlife forages more earnestly, seeking a tender, forgotten shoot. “Something there is that doesn’t love” winter. In … Continue reading