A Word to Literary Learners

Teaching, whether in high school or university, means encountering those who are a bit reluctant; those who’d rather not; those who find the content too dull, too irrelevant, too embarrassingly difficult. To those learners, a message… Continue reading

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Something — I don’t know — Troubling, This Way Comes

For parents, for educators, for the learner in us all:   I am not writing to spark a political debate, nor even a purely ‘educational’ one, though political and educational ideologies help inform our positions. I write, because I read something earlier that keeps poking at me, and I am hungry for a conversation about it; meanwhile, … Continue reading

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In the Desert Places

Just when I’d planned to be writing more, creating more Just when I’d found myself a writer’s group, and a reader’s group too The river of words ran dry. Every writer seems to have the same advice: write every day. Get your words down, even when they’re dreadful words, with no particular destination, no significant … Continue reading

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Forgotten Pleasure: The Public Library

Thanks to amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, books in some abundance occupy this house. Only the more recent acquisitions are due to those mega-volume retailers, of course. Beloved university bookstores, rummage sales along the way, ‘book-of-the-month’ clubs, borrowed-and-never-returned favorites, a good many gifts and inherited collections (The Hardy Boys Mysteries among them) line the shelves … Continue reading