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Friendly Competition

I was talking with a good friend recently, and the conversation veered into risky territory when he said, “I’m really enjoying writing.” Reasonable people would regard his statement as innocuous, right? Simply one friend sharing with another friend the intoxication of words used well. Now, since I ably masquerade as a ‘reasonable person’ from time … Continue reading

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An Actress and a Blogger Step onto the ‘Field…’

Plus or minus the ‘s’ (depending on whose perspective one takes), my blogging self , which, not coincidentally, is quite like my real self, shares most of a last name with a rather famous actress. Her name is Sally Field. Perhaps she’s remembered most fondly for playing Forrest Gump’s mama, perhaps as Burt Reynold’s love … Continue reading

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DP: Religion & Politics — Who CAN we talk to?

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree? Like discussing religion or politics with people you do know is a real party? Like discussing religion or politics with people you do know well (and therefore increasing the likelihood that the beliefs under discussion are … Continue reading

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I’m an English Teacher, and I’m Here to Help

I have a friend (trying to decide if I use the termly loosely) who considers himself a bit of a grammarian.His consideration is well-founded. (Dangit!) A few months ago, I too hastily posted an entry here at commonchapters that contained a typo. Of course the link to the entry goes immediately to Twitter. Of course my … Continue reading