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Life Changes…

Funerals & Weddings. Weddings and funerals. These life-changers gather in family and friends in ways that birthdays, holidays, and high school graduations only dream of. The one celebrates a life now finished (on this side of eternity); the other celebrates a life just beginning. Mysteriously, ‘two become one.’ A vow, a kiss, a toast (and, … Continue reading

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Teachery, or Treachery? You decide.

I teach, therefore I make people suffer. This sad reality troubles me, from time to time, because, really — shouldn’t learning be FUN?! No. Not necessarily. Herein lies the problem, I suppose. Learning MIGHT be fun. But it should always be good. Alas!  ‘Good’ sometimes brings discomfort. After all, challenge genrally presupposes a bit of failure … Continue reading

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Let the Arrow Pierce the Heart

Valentine’s Day. Who needs it? Hallmark. Florists. Chocolatiers. The cynics among us shun the capital opportunity hiding behind such tokens of ‘love.’ “But I don’t know if all that’s true, cuz you got me, and baby, I got you…”  Love. It’s in the air. What’s so dreadful about celebrating the thrilling attraction, the lofty emotion, … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened…

Funny. Ha ha? Or, peculiar? Well, yes. In mid-November, I was busy going to high school — as a teacher, lest you think this decidedly ‘older woman’ can’t seem to meet the graduation requirements. I had a principal who claimed he’d been in high school for 40 years, and as nearly as I could tell, … Continue reading