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Life Changes…

Funerals & Weddings. Weddings and funerals. These life-changers gather in family and friends in ways that birthdays, holidays, and high school graduations only dream of. The one celebrates a life now finished (on this side of eternity); the other celebrates a life just beginning. Mysteriously, ‘two become one.’ A vow, a kiss, a toast (and, … Continue reading

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On Surveys and Other Information Spew

What’s your native tongue? Do you, every once in a great while, succumb to the time suck otherwise known as the webbernets? Find yourself taking inventories and ‘quizzes’ designed to give you information about yourself hitherto unbeknownst to you? Comparative surveys that place you on a space-time continuum relative to those nameless, faceless others who … Continue reading

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Forgotten Pleasure: The Public Library

Thanks to and Barnes and Noble, books in some abundance occupy this house. Only the more recent acquisitions are due to those mega-volume retailers, of course. Beloved university bookstores, rummage sales along the way, ‘book-of-the-month’ clubs, borrowed-and-never-returned favorites, a good many gifts and inherited collections (The Hardy Boys Mysteries among them) line the shelves … Continue reading