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Write. And stuff…

By the mid-point of the first quarter of a new school year, presumably all of the principal characters in the production called ‘high school’ know their lines, “their exits and entrances,”; the tryouts now completed, all have gotten used to “play[ing their] many parts.” ( I keep telling my students, and anyone else who forgets … Continue reading

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Crimes & Misdemeanors

I’m a bit of a grammarian. Just a bit, though. I confess my use of commas can be rather haphazard. And, while I probably shouldn’t, I rather admire a good sentence fragment and use them whenever I want. ( see sentence #2 ) I can barely abide a run-on sentence though a longer-than-strictly-necessary sentence does my writer’s / … Continue reading

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Imitation or Parody? You Decide

On the one hand, William Shakespeare. On the other, Howard Moss. Both of them poets. There, the comparison should likely stop, since after all, one was a Renaissance man. (Dramatist too. 16th century. Brit.) The other, a New Yorker who edited the poetry section of The New Yorker.  (20th century. American.) What links them? Sonnet XVIII, … Continue reading

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An Actress and a Blogger Step onto the ‘Field…’

Plus or minus the ‘s’ (depending on whose perspective one takes), my blogging self , which, not coincidentally, is quite like my real self, shares most of a last name with a rather famous actress. Her name is Sally Field. Perhaps she’s remembered most fondly for playing Forrest Gump’s mama, perhaps as Burt Reynold’s love … Continue reading

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On Surveys and Other Information Spew

What’s your native tongue? Do you, every once in a great while, succumb to the time suck otherwise known as the webbernets? Find yourself taking inventories and ‘quizzes’ designed to give you information about yourself hitherto unbeknownst to you? Comparative surveys that place you on a space-time continuum relative to those nameless, faceless others who … Continue reading