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Write. And stuff…

By the mid-point of the first quarter of a new school year, presumably all of the principal characters in the production called ‘high school’ know their lines, “their exits and entrances,”; the tryouts now completed, all have gotten used to “play[ing their] many parts.” ( I keep telling my students, and anyone else who forgets … Continue reading

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The Resurrection (Easter’s celebration) remains the hope of Mankind. Hope. The heartfelt desire that our circumstances can turn out for our good. Hope. The expectation that our yearnings will be fulfilled. Hope. The promise of eternity. Hope — as Emily Dickinson framed it — the “thing with feathers”: “Hope” is the thing with feathers – … Continue reading

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“Until then, we’ll have to muddle through somehow…”

Because I’m supposed to be grading papers, I’m finding all sorts of ways to avoid doing it. Thankfully, I have a hair appointment in just a little while, so why even try to get into the grading groove?  (My husband tells me I need ‘time management’ help. Yes. Yes, I do.) Because it’s December, I … Continue reading