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Good Friday

In the Christian’s life, the celebration of Easter (oh, Glorious Resurrection!) would be woefully incomplete (and wholly misunderstood) without the gruesome truth of Christ’s atoning death on a Roman Cross. We call the day “Good Friday.” How good, for the believer, we cannot fully fathom, until we acknowledge these things: The Holiness of God the … Continue reading

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Cheers to Inebriation! Or, ‘Happy Birthday, Charles Baudelaire’

April 9. Birthdate of one Charles Baudelaire, who, if you didn’t know, is considered “one of the most compelling poets of the nineteenth century” (Kathryn Oliver Mills). I, stuck on American & British literature most of the time, didn’t know. I carry around the slightest smidge of knowledge about the French greats. A smidge, mind you. Usually, … Continue reading