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Grouchy Old Men (and the girl who loves them)

These men – crusty on the outside, but tender and charitable and endlessly endearing – have been, and remain, the steady anchors of my world. How fitting then, to find reminders of them in other chapters…

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Life Changes…

Funerals & Weddings. Weddings and funerals. These life-changers gather in family and friends in ways that birthdays, holidays, and high school graduations only dream of. The one celebrates a life now finished (on this side of eternity); the other celebrates a life just beginning. Mysteriously, ‘two become one.’ A vow, a kiss, a toast (and, … Continue reading

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little things

Our dog, 12 years old and slightly neurotic, wakes us up on Saturday mornings. The work week alarm gets turned off on Friday nights, so theoretically we can ‘sleep in.’ Ike, the aforementioned yellow Lab, subs in for the alarm. He cannot bear the thought, apparently, that we are snuggled in for a good morning … Continue reading