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Life Changes…

Funerals & Weddings. Weddings and funerals. These life-changers gather in family and friends in ways that birthdays, holidays, and high school graduations only dream of. The one celebrates a life now finished (on this side of eternity); the other celebrates a life just beginning. Mysteriously, ‘two become one.’ A vow, a kiss, a toast (and, … Continue reading

Family Life

Mama’s Girl

More than garden vegetables grow roots. Obviously. Trees, shrubbery, grass for cryin’ out loud. Stick with me, though. Family trees have roots too. The most significant moments seem to happen because of a garden… For all of his life, my dad was a North Dakota wheat farmer, which means, ta-da! I grew up on a … Continue reading

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The Expected and the Unexpected

Yesterday, our firstborn (a mere technicality given his twin status) stood up in a makeshift Indiana courtroom (can a ‘ballroom’ in a Convention center serve as a courtroom???  apparently, yes.), vowed to uphold the Constitutions of the state and the Union, and essentially comport himself in a manner worthy of the office he was sworn … Continue reading

Family Life

Losing the Battle

Winning isn’t everything.  It’s the only thing.  Watch any toddler who has learned these words: “no,” or “mine” for all the proof necessary to validate the claim.  Call it a “war of wills.” Call it the “clash of incompatible desires.”  Call a spade a spade, and recognize that the singular desire to be right and … Continue reading