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I just finished reading Jamaica Kincaid’s short-short story, “Girl.” I had one of those moments. You know what I mean. A left-feeling-just-a-tiny-bit-breathless moment, a sort of distant relative to the well-placed sucker-punch that Wharton’s “Roman Fever” delivers, but powerful nonetheless. Critics might suggest that Kincaid’s piece isn’t a ‘story,’ for it has no plot. Fair … Continue reading

The English Teacher / The Social Network

From An English Teacher, With Love

Dear So-You-Think-You-Want-to-Be-a-High School-English-Teacher, My name is Becky. I am a high school English teacher  — and, in the spirit of full disclosure, this facet of my life is nearly wholly against my will. Let this fact remain at the forefront of your understandings. I offer no other disclaimers. It is supposed by the ubiquitous ‘they’ … Continue reading


To Tweet or Not to Tweet… THAT is the Question

I admit, I’m a bit of a technological disaster. Electronic things confound me. Of course, such a pronouncement doesn’t say all that much, considering this little tidbit: I can’t open jars very easily. Technology: super fast computers, blue tooth devices, smartphones, wireless connections, facetime, digital recordings, and lest we forget, SOCIAL MEDIA – these ultra-modern … Continue reading