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Something — I don’t know — Troubling, This Way Comes

For parents, for educators, for the learner in us all:   I am not writing to spark a political debate, nor even a purely ‘educational’ one, though political and educational ideologies help inform our positions. I write, because I read something earlier that keeps poking at me, and I am hungry for a conversation about it; meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Teachery, or Treachery? You decide.

I teach, therefore I make people suffer. This sad reality troubles me, from time to time, because, really — shouldn’t learning be FUN?! No. Not necessarily. Herein lies the problem, I suppose. Learning MIGHT be fun. But it should always be good. Alas!  ‘Good’ sometimes brings discomfort. After all, challenge genrally presupposes a bit of failure … Continue reading