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Write. And stuff…

By the mid-point of the first quarter of a new school year, presumably all of the principal characters in the production called ‘high school’ know their lines, “their exits and entrances,”; the tryouts now completed, all have gotten used to “play[ing their] many parts.” ( I keep telling my students, and anyone else who forgets … Continue reading

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In the Desert Places

Just when I’d planned to be writing more, creating more Just when I’d found myself a writer’s group, and a reader’s group too The river of words ran dry. Every writer seems to have the same advice: write every day. Get your words down, even when they’re dreadful words, with no particular destination, no significant … Continue reading

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Mental Institution

I think I might need one. When I got serious about being an effective writing teacher, I read Annie Dillard, Anne Lamott, Natalie Goldberg, Donald Graves, Nancie Atwell, Kelly Gallagher, and well, it was a heady, fruitful time. I read rather widely and beyond those whose names I’ve listed here; presently, those names come to … Continue reading