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Crimes & Misdemeanors

I’m a bit of a grammarian. Just a bit, though. I confess my use of commas can be rather haphazard. And, while I probably shouldn’t, I rather admire a good sentence fragment and use them whenever I want. ( see sentence #2 ) I can barely abide a run-on sentence though a longer-than-strictly-necessary sentence does my writer’s / … Continue reading

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Careless Language & “Common” Usage

America comes stock-equipped with multi-cultured, richly layered distinctives. Heritage hails here from all over the world, whose “tired and poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free” call the US ‘home.’ If the dinners on our tables distinguish us — East coast seafood, Midwest comfort food, West Coast fusion food — then certainly our colloquialisms differentiate … Continue reading

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“Let Them Eat Cake!”

After finishing Freedom (a lovely Christmas present), Jonathan Franzen’s name remained on my reading radar. Browsing in a glorious bookshop in DC, Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe & Grill, I found a collection of his essays entitled How to Be Alone.  I tend to lose touch with the limits of my pocketbook whenever I walk into a bookstore, so of course … Continue reading